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Here are some frequently asked questions. For any other questions, please write to us at

  • How long is each tour?
    Tours last between 2 and 3 hours each. We schedule our rides 3 hours apart, and often the next group is waiting to board by the time we return 3 hours later. If your group needs to keep things closer to or exactly 2 hours, we can handle that too!
  • How long is each stop?
    A Palm Beach Party Bike Tour Guide will accompany your group into each stop. Some days service and checkout are running like a Swiss watch, and others can take a little longer. We will help manage the clock to get your group where they need to be on time. Stops tend to take a minimum of 20 minutes, so if your group is on a tight schedule, then bike time will be less than 50% of your tour unless we cut a stop - private tours can decide on their routes within our framework.
  • Can we bring alcohol on the bike?
    We prefer to support our partner businesses at which we stop along our tour. Drinks purchased inside our stops can be packaged to-go. That said, cycling is hard work and the Florida sun is hot. If you need to bring your own hydration, we require an opaque cup with a lid. We are currently working with Beefy Brands on our own branded cups to be included with your ticket - stay tuned!
  • How many people fit on the bike?
    The bike holds 15 people total with 12 seats being bicycle seats, 10 of which provide the power. The remaining three seats are on the cooler at the rear of the bike.
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